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Cheque Cashing

Sometimes we may not collect our debts due to the cash flow problem by the payer. It may be post-dated cheque by your boss or your customers. Cheque cashing services might help you get cash immediately. In money lending term, the lender is offering cash in exchange of the cheque which is not due. This is after deducting any interests charged for this type of loan. When the cheque becomes due, the lender will cash in the cheque to get the cash.

Why do you need it?

Sometimes your own cash flow is affected when your boss delay payment to you. When you are in need the money urgently, you received the post-dated cheque. But you have bills to pay or urgent pressing matters on you.

Or you could be a business owner who depends strictly on your customer paying on time, to roll the business cash flow. You are then innocently affected when your customer delay payments. You then face a short-term financial difficulty or when you are already running out of money.

The process of Cheque Cashing

One way is to request the vendor to write the cheque in the name of our company. Or some business owner may also write the PD cheque using their own company. This is because they are expecting collections from their customers in the near future.

We will then need to assess the background of the cheque issuer. After that, we will need to get the borrower to sign some agreements, to agree to reimburse the lender should the bank not honour the cheque. Once all these are done, the borrower will receive the money immediately, after deducting handling fee and the interest for this financing.


Therefore, if you have emergency cash needs, then look no further. If you have a post-dated cheque, we can assist you with our cheque cashing services. Besides, we understand that sometimes you just need to overcome this short but quick financing need. So through our cheque cashing service, we hope to help you get the immediate cash that you need.

We cover KL and Selangor area such as PJ, Klang, Shah Alam, Sunway, Puchong, KLCC, Seri Kembangan, Cheras, Ampang, and Rawang. In addition, we specialize in Business Loan, SME Loan, Working Capital Loan and Personal Loan.

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